THIS IS IT, we have about a month to make a big push to reach all of our Senators, repeatedly and effectively state we are not in alignment with the Dark Act HR 1599 which will:

  • Nullify state laws which have already passed GMO Labeling
  • Labels GMO's as "Natural"
  • Keeps GMO Labeling Voluntary
  • Require Non GMO labeling to be through the USDA
  • Remove protections for Native American indigenous crops and all GMO Free zones

The DARK ACT, if passed, will wipe out everything we have worked for.

To retain our right to know what is in our food and allow us choice from buying GMOs and related
toxic pesticides, we ask you to join us in the one or
more of the following ways this week:


1. Join us Tuesday night at 5:30 pm PT on a live stream meeting "Connect with Moms and Defeat the Dark Act".

Go to
to share the event, 
to view the meeting and find out more about what we can do.  

We have a special guest this week, Scientist Anthony Samsel at 6 pm with new data about Roundup (glyphosate) 
in pet food.