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Mission Statement

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Wholeness: Undivided; in one piece ~ Not broken, damaged, or impaired; intact ~ Comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception ~ entire, full, or total~ Containing all the elements properly belonging; complete ~


Wholeness is an infinite aspect within our souls; in tuning inward through heart and head alignment, soul's wisdom and life force can be intuitively called upon to assist our human potential along this journey called life.


Celebr8wholeness intuitively showed up in 2008 while co-founding another online community called, Powerful Intentions. P.I. was founded upon the principles of law of attraction as a deliberate creator of our own reality.  


This is part of my personal experience and mantra as well.  


While P.I. still exists, when circumstances moved it to their present location, my heart desired a different space to offer ideas and resources in alignment with my own evolutionary soul purpose.


I sincerely believe we're living in magnificent times, more advanced that ever before; with technology creating opportunities and open doors to network and create meaningful relationships all over the world.  This feels encouraging and hopeful for all generations.


This site will continue to ebb and flow with updated links, inspiring articles and professional services to assist with decluttering beliefs and perceptions that can keep us from living our full potential.  As head and heart align with one another, inspired choices unfold with greater clarity, awareness, freedom and ease. 


Beloved friends...may the cosmic truth set you free to experience the delicious bounty your divine being holds for you!




Valerie White,

Intuitive Empath

Life Coach and Holistic Energy Facilitator